The long, hot summers in Lumberton, TX cause a lot of stress on your air conditioner. If you glance at your air conditioning unit and notice ice buildup, you might wonder what’s happening. Before you panic, try these three steps to solve the problem.

1. Turn Off the Unit

As soon as you notice ice on your air conditioning unit, turn the system off. Begin at the thermostat. Select the off setting. Next, find the unit’s power switch. Turn it to the off position. Last, go to the circuit breaker, and turn off the power to the air conditioner. Keep the unit turned off for at least two hours. This will give the ice time to melt, and cutting power to the unit will force it to reset when you turn it on again.

2. Change the Air Filter

While the air conditioner is off and disconnected from the power supply, check the air filter. The most common cause of a frozen AC unit is a dirty air filter. Most air conditioners use disposable filters, and they need to be replaced every 30 to 90 days.

3. Turn the AC to Fan Only

Once all the ice has melted and several hours have passed, restore power to your air conditioner. Go to the thermostat and select the fan-only setting. Your air conditioner may need more time to thaw, and the fan-only setting facilitates this process. If your air conditioner won’t respond or makes unusual noises, you’ll need professional air conditioner repairs.

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