Air pollution isn’t just an outdoor problem— it can be an indoor problem as well. The air inside a home may even be up to five times more contaminated than the outside air. Bad indoor air quality can happen due to a wide range of factors. Taking steps to improve the quality of air in your home in Lumberton, TX, takes some effort, but it’s always well worth the extra work.

Here are some tips on how to improve the quality of air in your home.

1. Use Houseplants

Some houseplants are known for their ability to purify indoor air. A few of the most popular houseplants that are great at removing indoor toxins include peace lilies, spider plants, and snake plants. Including these plants in your home is also a great way to add some greenery and create a relaxing environment.

2. Invest in an Air Purifier

An air purifier is a popular device that removes pollutants from the air. Air purifiers work by drawing in air, filtering out pollutants, and then releasing clean air back into the room. Buying an air purifier can be especially useful for those with allergies or asthma.

3. Open Your Windows

One of the easiest ways to give your home fresh air is to open up a few windows. Keeping your windows open allows fresh air to circulate and remove pollutants in your home. Of course, it’s a good idea to check the air quality outside before opening your windows.

4. Try Not to Use Harsh Chemicals

Cleaning products can often be harmful to the air in your home. Using natural cleaning products is a much more eco-friendly option. You can even create your own cleaning solutions that include baking soda or vinegar, which is much safer than using harsh chemicals.

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