Is your home frequently drafty? Do you often notice hot and cold spots? You could be losing substantial heat each winter because of your inefficient window panes. Here’s how your leaky windows are increasing your energy bill every month.

How to Spot Leaks

You may be wasting hundreds of dollars every year on leaked heat. Many houses today are outfitted with low-quality, single-paned windows. This type of window is easily influenced by seasonal changes in temperature.

When your home’s heated air makes contact with this inefficient glass, it quickly cools or escapes outside. This leakage often produces drafts or permanent cold spots in rooms with a lot of windows. Older houses also often struggle with improper window installation that causes gaps between the frame and wall.

Improving Your Home’s Heating

Learn more about your windows’ U-Factor and R-Factor ratings. The U-Factor rating represents the ability to conduct heat, while the R-Factor value measures insulation ability. Shop for windows that have a low U-Factor and a high R-Factor for maximum insulation and minimum heat loss. Contact a professional to appraise your property for other personalized efficiency suggestions.

You can dramatically improve your home’s heating efficiency by installing double-paned windows that better seal off your house from the outdoors. Always confirm the products you’re using are ENERGY STAR-certified. Appliances and fixtures with this rating meet very strict efficiency guidelines.

Your Home Comfort Experts

You don’t have to worry about losing any more heat this season. Trust the experts to determine the best heating and cooling improvements for your home. Contact Big Fish Cooling & Heating today for all of your indoor comfort needs in Lumberton, TX or the surrounding communities. We’re an award-winning company with a reputation for fair, honest pricing and great service. Our experienced technicians are trained to provide expert maintenance, repairs, and installation for your furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner. Trust us to install a new zoning system or create a design for a new construction project.

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