The average residential oil furnace needs a fuel refill anywhere from three to five times between November and April. The best way to schedule future oil refills is to know approximately how much oil your furnace uses daily. Here’s how you can easily determine your oil furnace’s average fuel consumption.

Check Manufacturing Info

Oil furnace manufacturer’s often put consumption info on the system’s oil burner or burner nozzle. You should see data that tells you how many gallons your furnace consumes per hour. This number is often between 0.8 and 1.7 gallons per hour of operation. Keep in mind this consumption rate is only accurate if your furnace is in optimal condition. Without frequent maintenance and care, your heating system will likely be less efficient.

Consider Average Outdoor Temperature

On average, a well-maintained furnace can consume anywhere from two to seven gallons a day. The colder the external temperature, the more often your furnace will kick on to heat the home. If you have the traditional 275-gallon tank, you likely won’t need an oil refill until December when temperatures dive below freezing. After the start of the new year, your tank may only last around five to six weeks.

Schedule Oil Refills

It can be difficult to predict how much oil your furnace needs in a given season. This year’s weather may be colder on average or you may be in the home more often. The best way to ensure you always have enough oil is to schedule refills ahead of time. Regularly check your fuel level to avoid letting it dip below one-quarter full.

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