HVAC systems create noise that carries through the ducts from one room to another. Soundproofing an HVAC system is one of the most challenging tasks in the field. At Big Fish Cooling & Heating, we can help soundproof your system. Here are HVAC soundproofing methods you need to undertake to eliminate the constant noise when your system is running.

Use Vibration-Damping Product at the Source

Cover the exterior and interior surface of the HVAC system with a vibration-damping product. This material will help bury the noise vibrations at the source before it travels through the ducts. Use the industrial-grade sound-deadening material for excellent HVAC soundproofing.

Line the Interior of Ductwork

Use a sound absorber to line the interior of your ductwork to combat any noise traveling across rooms. Use a melamine foam or any other quality sound absorber; take note of the fire risks. Big Fish Cooling & Heating recommends melamine foam because it has high sound absorption, thermal insulation, and low flammability and smoke properties.

Wrap the Ducts

The Quiet-Duct wrap is a foil-faced, light-weight, and fire-retardant acoustic insulation with multiple uses. This wrap offers excellent acoustic and thermal performance with a fire rating of Class-A. The wraps are made from durable natural fiberglass that does not cause skin irritation or itchiness.

This fiber has soundproofing properties. The EPA recommends it because it protects the HVAC system from mold, fungi, mildew, and pests. Furthermore, the Quiet Wrap offers a pure aluminum barrier that reflects any radiant heat and protects the system from vapors, moisture, and air currents. If you do not like the concentration of formaldehyde in melamine foam, use the Quiet Wrap as an alternative.

You have many HVAC soundproofing options, including wraps, liners, and barriers. They are engineered to absorb noise on ducts and the entire HVAC system. You need to consider the fire rating standard of the insulating material before installation. Contact Big Fish Cooling & Heating to provide soundproofing solutions for your Lumberton, TX home. Our duct silencers are designed to accommodate the duct shape and ensure consistent airflow. We also provide heating, cooling, and indoor air quality solutions to Lumberton residents.

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