Who We Are

Big Fish Cooling & Heating began as an idea. A goal. A dream. A source of income to fund the rising costs of a college education. In 2015 our founder, Brandon Midkiff, opened Big Fish Cooling & Heating. during his junior year of college at Lamar University while studying for a Mechanical Engineering degree. Unsure of what to name the company Brandon decided he wanted it to reference his faith along with what made all of it possible. “BIG FISH” is an acronym for “Believers In God, Faithful In Serving Him.” While Big Fish Cooling & Heating is not a typical name for a home service company, it is a constant reminder of who we are as a company. As a family. As people.

Big Fish Cooling & Heating has grown from a one-man show to now a fully functioning HVAC company. Since Brandon graduated with his Mechanical Engineering degree and is now a practicing engineer at a renowned refinery he recruited help from his mother Tammy.

Tammy is the voice on the other end of the line. The woman that keeps us all in line and organized. Here to make sure customers are taken care of and that they have a friendly voice on the other end of the line when in need of HVAC services.

About Us - Big Fish AC & Heating

With a growing demand for our services in Southeast Texas, we added a lead technician/installer. Again, keeping it in the family, Drake (Brandon’s cousin and Tammy’s nephew) is our lead technician/installer. He has played a key role in making sure customers’ needs are met and that our work is performed to the standards we expect.

Best of the Best Winner

About Us - Big Fish AC & Heating

Tammy with her children Amy and Brandon

About Us - Big Fish AC & Conditioner

Drake (never against posing with his work)