Furnace maintenance in Lumberton, TX
November 13

Steps Involved in Annual Furnace Maintenance

Yearly maintenance helps keep furnaces running well. During an annual tune-up, your furnace technician will prime your heating system for reliable operation. Thorough maintenance improves… View Article Read More

Furnace tune-up in Lumberton, TX
October 17

What Tasks Are Performed During a Furnace Tune-Up?

It’s essential to have your furnace tuned up every fall for a number of reasons. It will perform more efficiently, keep the furnace under warranty,… View Article Read More

air duct repair Lumberton, TX
September 19

4 Ways to Determine If Your Ductwork Is Bad

Tasked with distributing heated and cooled air throughout your Lumberton, TX, home, your HVAC air ducts play a major role in determining your level of… View Article Read More

Family enjoying good air quality in Lumberton, TX
August 21

Understanding When to Use Your Dehumidifier

Maintaining the ideal humidity levels in your home can prove challenging. If humidity levels are too high, mold may develop. Low humidity levels could cause… View Article Read More

Smart Thermostat in Lumberton, TX
July 25

Why You Should Install a Smart Thermostat

These days, we get plenty of questions from homeowners here in Lumberton, TX, about smart thermostats. Although the questions themselves vary a bit, they all… View Article Read More

AC Installation in Lumberton, TX
June 20

3 Reasons Why DIY AC Installation is Not Recommended

Approximately 88% of households in the United States use an AC. If you do not have an air conditioner in your home or need to… View Article Read More

AC Maintenance in Lumberton, TX
May 11

3 of the Most Common Air Conditioning Problems

In a perfect world, your air conditioner would work every time it cycles on and would never have a problem. Unfortunately, your home’s AC unit… View Article Read More

AC Maintenance in Lumberton, TX
April 19

Is Air Conditioning Repair a Do-It-Yourself Job?

In hotter climates, like in Lumberton, Texas, running the air conditioner all year is not uncommon. Heavy loads make air conditioners more susceptible to needing… View Article Read More

Indoor Air Quality in Lumberton, TX
March 16

Ways To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality can cause various health issues that range from mild symptoms, like headaches and fatigue, to more serious conditions, such as asthma… View Article Read More

Ductless Mini-Split in Lumberton, TX
February 17

Are Mini Splits and Ductless Systems Different?

You may have heard about ductless heating and cooling systems, and you may have also heard about mini splits. If you’re wondering what the difference… View Article Read More