Fall may bring relief from a summer heatwave, but a cold winter may arrive once the season ends. Is the furnace in proper working order? Scheduling fall maintenance work could provide an answer. More importantly, the fall service visit could address any issues the system experiences.

Dealing with Dirt and Debris

Has the furnace undergone a thorough cleaning? If not, the system might not run efficiently or safely in the winter. Expect the unit to become even dirtier by winter’s end as more impurities enter the system.

A thorough cleaning could remove dirt, debris, dust, and worse from the furnace and ducts. Also, a technician may remove and replace a dirty filter. An old filter could create a fire hazard and drive down efficiency. An inefficient furnace might lead to costlier heating bills.

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Preventing Breakdowns

A technician may perform an inspection on the furnace’s parts. Sometimes, wear and tear may be present, but the homeowner doesn’t realize it. A “small problem” could get worse, and the furnace might break down during the winter. Performing a fix long before the cold weather season might avoid an emergency.

Routine repairs and fixes may extend the furnace’s life. If the heating system continues to operate with strained parts, the unit may lose several years of life.

Perform Additional Safety Checks

A furnace might seem like it runs “okay,” even though serious safety issues might be present. A leak could exist in the gas line, or there may be electrical problems. Not fixing dangerous defects might result in disastrous consequences.

Recommendations for Upgrades

The furnace might be reaching the end of its days. A technician could recommend replacing the furnace, a process that may be easier in the fall than in the winter.

We also handle cooling work, along with commercial and residential design. As a NATE-certified ACCA member, Big Fish Cooling & Heating is ready to perform many jobs. Call our office today to ask about an estimate.

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