Tasked with distributing heated and cooled air throughout your Lumberton, TX, home, your HVAC air ducts play a major role in determining your level of comfort. Adequate ductwork is also key for healthy indoor air quality (IAQ) and keeping heating and cooling costs under control. Unfortunately, most of your HVAC ducting is completely hidden behind drywall and other building elements. This makes identifying issues early on a challenge. The good news is that there are still four simple ways to determine whether your ductwork is dirty, damaged, or ready for replacement.

1. Uneven Heating and Cooling

Damaged ductwork can make your HVAC equipment work substantially harder. Also, your living space won’t be as comfortable. If much of the heated and cooled air that your HVAC system produces is being lost behind drywall, in attic areas, or in crawlspaces, it’s time to have your HVAC air ducts repaired. Check for hot and cold spots throughout the building while your HVAC system is on.

2. Your Ductwork Is Old

HVAC ductwork doesn’t last forever. In fact, its maximum lifespan is just 20 to 25 years. If your HVAC air ducts are 15 years or older, plan on replacing them the next time you upgrade your heater or air conditioner.

3. Your Indoor Air Quality Has Plummeted

Leaky air ducts take in and distribute unfiltered air from basement areas, garages, and other spaces where ducting is exposed and leaking. If you have noticeable buildups of dust, dirt, or other debris on your indoor surfaces, or if building residents are constantly sniffling, sneezing, or wheezing, bad ducting may be the culprit.

4. Whistling, Whirring, or Slamming Sounds

Damaged ducts are often noisy. When ductwork has cracks or perforations, you’ll hear whistling and whirring noises as air pressure changes and conditioned air seeps out. You may even hear banging, clanging, or rattling sounds due to loose and vibrating components.

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