Getting your air conditioner in top shape is critical for safe and effective performance. Annual maintenance should not be overlooked, and this is the time to do it. At Big Fish Cooling & Heating, we recommend a full AC inspection in early spring to check every component, including the refrigerant levels and electrical connections. To be proactive before heat arrives, it is also essential to know the signs of problems.

Symptoms Your AC Needs Repair

Multiple signs can alert homeowners of problems with their AC system well before it breaks down. At Big Fish Cooling & Heating, we educate our customers on the warning signs so they can call us immediately when issues arise.

Warm Air Instead of Cold

If you feel warm air coming from your vents instead of cold, it is time to give us a call. Thermostat problems, restricted airflow, and refrigerant leaks can all cause this issue.

Improper Airflow

Poor airflow means your system needs attention right away. Clogged air filters and malfunctioning motors can both impact airflow. A tune-up can boost your air conditioner and help it move air more efficiently.


Frequent cycles are not typical and can cause your air conditioner to work harder without producing effective cooling. Your system may need a tune-up, but there could also be other issues that need resolving.


Never ignore leaks because, without proper refrigerant levels, your system will not cool effectively and is more likely to become frozen. If you see pooled water around your unit, you have an active leak that needs addressing immediately. Shut off your system until we complete repairs.

Strange Noises

You likely know the usual hum of your air conditioner, but when the noises are different, it is time to seek repairs. Common causes of noisy air conditioners include loose or failing parts and a lack of maintenance. Finding the source of the problem before summer is vital.

Seek Professional AC Repair

Big Fish Cooling & Heating is a local HVAC company that offers residential and commercial heating and cooling installation, repair, maintenance, and design services to customers throughout Lumberton and the surrounding areas. We also provide smart thermostat installation services. Call us at Big Fish Cooling & Heating today to schedule an appointment for AC repair.

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