Yearly maintenance helps keep furnaces running well. During an annual tune-up, your furnace technician will prime your heating system for reliable operation. Thorough maintenance improves efficiency, reduces the risk of a troublesome breakdown, and extends the life of a furnace. Each step in the process plays an important role in bolstering furnace performance.


Furnaces work hard, and they get dirty in the process. A system that’s caked with residue and debris can’t run at full efficiency. Cleaning the unit can help get it back up to par. Your maintenance technician will pay attention to the cleanliness of the combustion chamber, the pilot light, and the burners. The unit will receive a clean air filter as well. Also, any clogs in the drain line will be cleared.


Proper furnace operation depends on a system that’s properly set up. If the gas pressure isn’t correct, for example, you may end up with a house that’s chillier than you’d like. You may also have trouble achieving the correct temperature if your thermostat isn’t calibrated correctly. During a tune-up, a technician will check your system’s settings and make adjustments as needed.


A maintenance visit will involve running the furnace to see how well it is working. A professional technician can listen for strange noises while it runs or look for other signs of a problem. If there’s an issue, it’s best to learn about it during a maintenance appointment, rather than during the heart of the heating season.

Making Small Repairs

Often, your technician can fix minor issues right away. For example, the tech might retighten loose connections, lubricate bearings, or swap out a worn part. If larger repair needs are identified, you can schedule a return visit.

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